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“To travel is to take a journey into yourself”

On this note, let me share with you all one of my most cherished travel story which is quite close to my heart.

I came to know about Dassam Falls and Deori Temple from my dad who has been born and bought up at B.I.T Mesra, Ranchi. His love for nature and spirituality must have emanated from the vivacious environment of Ranchi. The momentous tales about the hills fuelled our desire to pay a visit to this place.This made us dedicate one of our holiday weekends to our visit to these two spots which were on our bucketlist since quite a long time.  

The very first thing which truly amazed us about Ranchi is the relaxing atmosphere and the pleasant weather of the city the moment we reached there.

Our journey started at 8.00 am in the morning after a fulfilling breakfast at Hotel Yuvraj Palace, Ranchi. The Deori Temple was our very first destination. We reached the temple in about 2 hours by travelling a distance of around 60 Kilometers.

The historical records suggest that Deori temple was built in the 13th century by Raja Kera belonging to Munda tribe at Singhbhum.

Beautiful Architecture

The aesthetic architectural designs of the temple are a visual retreat indeed.The spiritual aura of the temple is exemplified by the aesthetic embellishments over the external surface of the shikara. The intricate designs of the Shikara consists of the beautiful figurines of multiple deities of Indian Mythology including Lakshmi, Saraswati and Ganesh.

Mom and Dad at Deori Temple

It is quite amazing to see the colour pallet of the majestic shikhara of the temple. The multiple colours over its surface are nothing short of a living reality emerging from the canvas of an expert artist.

How could we stop ourselves from getting mesmerized? The beautifully carved designs infuse greatest sense of respect of respect within us for the rigorous efforts of the artisans to create the masterpiece.

The very sight of the temple made us feel quite lively and amazed at the same time.

Liberalised Norms

There is no prescribed dress code to enter the garbhagriha of the temple which actually surprized us as this is not similar to other Hindu temples of India. This very discovery reflected a liberalised attitude of the community towards the devotees and actually opposed the popular belief about the highly conservative attitude of the tribal community of Jharkhand.

The Principal Deity of Deori Temple

The idol of the Goddess is sixteen armed and the height of the Goddess is around 3.5 feet. The sanctum sanctorum has the idol of Lord Shiva alongside Goddess Durga. The uniqueness of the idol of Goddess Durga lies in the fact that it has 16 arms. However, the idol normal consists of only eight hands. The Goddess of the temple has also been ornamented with multiple jewelleries.The localites revealed that the pious statue of the goddess has been created on the basis of the art which had originated in Odisha.

The temple witnesses huge rush of devotees during the Navratris. There is also a traditional practice of performing animal sacrifices during Navratris to please the Goddess.

The Pahars- Tribal Priests

The tribal communities of Jharkhand undertake the religious activities over there.The significance of the tribal community is reflected in the fact that an eminent priests from a tribal community (Pahars) workships the Goddess of the temple six days a week. The Brahmin priest workships just once a week. The Pahars are basically a group of six priests from the tribal community of the state. The inclusive attitude of the community is exhibited by the inclusion of the Pahars in workshipping the Goddess.

My Sister and Me at the Deori Temple

This temple has been visited by a lot of popular public figures. One of the most significant personality amongst them is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He is an ardent devotee of Goddess Durga residing at this renowned temple. He consistently pays a visit to this temple before any of the significant events of his life. This reflects his dedicated devotion towards the deity.

The Family Visit to the Deori Temple

Through our visit to the Deori temple, we had an esteemed opportunity to not only immerse ourself into the divine atmosphere of the temple, but also encounter the magnificent craftsmanship embedded within its architecture.

After seeking the blessings of the Godesses, we proceeded towards the second half of our journey and headed towards the Dassam Falls at 11.30 am. We reached there by covering a distance of about 42 Kilometers in about 90 minutes. I must say that the journey was worth it!!!

The outsiders may view Dassam Falls just as the other waterfalls located in various regions of India. But, a closer look at the falls may alter their opinion.As we embarked our tour, we realized about certain distinctive features of the falls!!!

Although, Jharkhand itself is an abode of many waterfalls including Hundru falls, Johna falls and Hirni falls , Dassam falls still has the heart of the tourists as well the localites.

The First View of the Dassam Falls

The beauty of the place rejoiced us to the core and it is much enhanced by the fact that all the tens falls are located at different heights of the mountain.What followed is till date one of the most exhilarating experience of our lives.

A Rare View

Due to the increase in the number of families embracing urban lifestyle, it is a rare opportunity to enjoy family time in an open space surrounded with lush green trees and natural water like this. We actually felt blessed to encounter such a splendid view of the nature.

An age where the society has become accustomed to living in compartmentalized apartments having constricted space, visiting such places are a luxury!!!

The Scenic View of Dassam Falls

A Quick Respite from Hunger

The entry to the fall was complimentary for all and we were charged no fees for the same. The parking area was located near the entrance of the waterfall. We found a small stall near the entrance point and brought tea and snacks from there. We gorged upon the bread pakora and the samosa from that stall. We were all the more delighted to appease our hunger pangs over there.

Never Missing an Opportunity to Pose for the Camera

Story behind the Name

The word “Dassam” has its origin in Mundari language. The name Dassam has been basically derived from the words’Da’ meaning water and ‘Song’ which refers to pouring. Therefore, the term Da-song suggest the art of pouring water. The sound of the falling water from the rocks corresponds to the sound of the water being poured over an area.

The water falls from a humongous height of 144 feet at Dassam Falls. The very name Dassam underscores the ten (Das in Hindi) streams that fall from the River Kanchi over here. The Kanchi river is the tributary of Subarnrekha river.It is one of the most visited tourist spots of Jharkhand. It is situated about 34 kilometres away from the capital of Jharkhand- Ranchi. The very sight of this waterfall is a satiating experience for a nature lover. The melodious sound of the waterfall provides a peaceful feeling to the tourists. It is situated 7 kilometres away from NH- 33. The exact geographical location of Dassam fall is near tamaira village, bundu police station.

Sightseeing at Dassam Falls

The Beloved Picnic Spot

This place serves as a favourite picnic spot for localites who prepare food near the fall and spend a fun filled day over there. It is an unmissable opportunity for a nature walk and a peaceful sightseeing. The nearest city to this place is Ranchi (at a distance of 41.5 kilometres). This place is a must visit to fully rejuvenate the inner senses of an individual.

The Words of Caution

This area is highly susceptible to accidents. Therefore, the visitors are not allowed to undertake swimming and bathing. The state government does not allow the tourists to go inside the stream created by the waterfall due to the precarious nature of the rocks.

Ideal Visiting Time

The monsoon season is the best time to visit the fall in case you’re looking forward to the highest quantity of water in the falls. However, if an ardent nature enthusiast is yearning inside you to plan a picnic , then you can plan your visit anytime between December to January.


There are no restrictions in the opening and closing time of the fall. It remains open for 24 hours. Moreover, it is advisable to avoid visiting the place after 4  p.m as the it’s a bit secluded place from the city.

A Gratifying Experience

This place is a must visit to garner the revitalizing experience to escape from the burnout state that we urban dwellers often reach due to the mounting stress as a result of the hustle and bustle of the city life. On the completion of your journey, you would also emphasize upon the significance of visiting this place.

Some of the things you must keep in mind while making up your plan are as follows-

  • Don’t forget your camera for nature photography at Dassam Falls and capturing the majestic architecture of the Deori Temple.
  • Try to opt for flats for a comfortable and convenient tour since you will have to walk through a lot of stairs to reach bottom of the waterfall.
  • You can also carry a stole with yourself to fully enjoy the breezy atmosphere near the waterfall.
A Romantic Gateway

So, what are you waiting for??? Block the dates on your calendar and you would surely be heading towards one of the most thrilling experiences of your life!!!


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