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I’m Kanak Mishra…!!

Hello Folks,

We often indulge in long discussions about our nation within our conversations which somehow affirms our belief about our abundant knowledge on that matter. Such observations have created an earnest desire within me to put forward a query for all of us i.e. Have we been able to understand our nation in the truest sense??? The objective of this query is not to put your anticipations under suspicion but rather to provide my readers with a meaningful food for thought.

This platform is aimed at providing its readers with a much needed opportunity to discover the various facts that have created a distinguished identity of India on the global map.

The very past of our nation is a testimony to the enormous struggle encountered by it in order to safeguard its distinctiveness in the extremely vulnerable conditions.

Oh my nation is an initiative to spread the word about the multiple reasons which our nation gives us to rever it. The main aim of this platform is to celebrate the spirit of Indianness in every possible manner.

All the topics on this platform would be encompassing interesting facts about the culture, fashion, travel and crafts of India. In addition to this, my readers would also be familiarized with the relevance of all these facts in their contemporary lifestyle.

All such explorations would further your existing understanding about India. Let’s traverse on this exciting journey together.

Happy Reading!!!