A Contemporary Design Brand of Indian Origin

In the age of fast-fashion, it’s a big deal to come across a brand which does not believe in promoting consumerism. The unconditional love for the vintage elements across its product range makes the products of Nappa Dori a timeless treasure for its customers.

Genesis of the brand

Nappa Dori was founded by Gautam Sinha in 2010 at Delhi. The brand is extensively known for its handcrafted leather products. The authentic craftsmanship of the dedicated artists is reflected within every product manufactured by the brand.

The translation of Nappa Dori in literal terms refers to leather and thread. The product designs used by the brand are quite unconventional yet traditional in nature. Moreover, the ability of the brand to complement with the sensitivity of the contemporary customer base is still appreciable.

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The brand attempts to capitalise on the emotive element associated with the nostalgic memories of its target consumer base. The idea is to reaffirm the connection of the customers with their glorious past without compromising with their fashion sensibilities.

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How does Nappa Dori stand out from the rest?

The uniqueness of the entire product line exists in the handcrafted nature of the entire product range. The very fact that each product offered by the brand derives the design inspiration from the rich historical past of India has helped the brand carve out a special identity for itself in the contemporary marketplace. For instance, the laptop bags of Nappa Dori depict the majestic cultural elements of the Indian history. Even the retail stores of Nappa Dori provide the nostalgic experience to its visitors in order to enrich their shopping experience and ensure uniformity in their overall experience towards the brand. The major objective behind this is to create a closer relationship with the customers and consequently enhance its loyal customer base.

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The core products of Nappa Dori are the elegant handcrafted leather metal trunks and handbags with contemporary designs of finest quality. The other product categories offered by the brand include accessories and stationery items. The key defining feature across all the products of the brand is minimalism along with world class quality and innately creative designs.

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The Distinct Clientele

The target segment of the brand includes-

  • People who love traveling.
  • People who are considerate towards their health.
  • Those who have a knack for beautiful designs.
  • The ones who are closely connected with the past and appreciate nostalgia.
  • There is not any restrictions on the age group of the target customers.
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Enriching the Shopping Experience

The brand believes that the physical presence of the brand is of utmost importance to establish a closer connection with the customers. It doesn’t perceive its stores as the platform for sale. Rather, it considers it’s stores as an opportunity to enrich the experience of its customers and thereby establish a closer connection with them. The homely store experience at the Nappa Dori stores reflects the essence of the principles the brand is based upon. The owners strongly believe that the online shopping can’t substitute the shopping experience of the customers at the brick and mortar stores.

Nappa Dori Warehouse at New Delhi (Credits-

Cafe Dori – An Incredible Customer Experience

Glimpses of Cafe Dori (

The advent of experiential retail led this brand introduce it’s exclusive cafe referred to as Cafe Dori. This signature cafe of Nappa Dori is the largest store of Nappa Dori across India with an area of 7,500 sq ft.It is an abode of an amazing library which allows it’s visitors to gather comprehensive information about the working of renowned designer brands with the medium of various design books. This initiative is basically focussed upon enhancing customer engagement with the brand. The key reason behind the entire concept is to enhance the experience of the customers associated with the brand.

The next time you assume that Indian fashion brands may not complement with the contemporary fashion sense, don’t forget about Nappa Dori !! Without thinking much, you must go ahead to garner an enthralling shopping experience!! Thank me later!!

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